GeoGuide 3D Worldwide Maps and Tracks


Version: 2.4

New: ✔ Track color selectable, ✔ Better tour import, ✔ Fullscreen map display, ✔ Destination in compass, ✔ New track information


✔ Enhanced fullscreen mode w/o menu bars

✔ Smaller cursor w/o height display to chose as an alternative

✔ Destination flag visible im compass

✔ New track information with speed profile for all your tracks

✔ Track color selectable

✔ Distance along chosen track is calculated as well as remaining incline and decline (full version only)

✔ MTB data now placed in lower part of the map to improve visibility in driving direction


✔ Strongly improved tour import by new, more flexible GPX parser

✔ Rename waypoints and tracks

✔ Smaller waypoints in map when zooming out to improve map overview

✔ All waypoints in the list show their distance to your position

✔ Better readable street names through sharper map display

✔ Terrain above 20.000 ft (7000m) is shown correctly

✔ New dialog to open tracks

Many thanks for all your feedback so far! The more feedback we get, the faster we can integrate changes and react on problem reports. Because we cannot answer directly in iTunes, please don't hesitate to report about any concerns or ideas about the application per email:


✔ Import gpx tracks by simply putting it in your Dropbox-app or open as an Email attachment

✔ New screen showing all necessary information about your recorded tracks

✔ Improved track list for more convenience

✔ Better track contrast on map


✔ Load up to 10x bigger maps for your convenience

✔ GPS recording in the background. 8 hours of recording costs about 40% of a fully loaded battery.

✔ Waypoint coordinates can be entered directly

✔ To see the map and the most important information at a glance, we invented a new display above the map.

✔ Better contrast in the profile view

✔ Access the online help directly from the start screen


✔ Import waypoints (standard version only)
Import your waypoints integrated in an gpx file easily. Even pure waypoint files can be imported e.g. for geocaching.

✔ Share your position via twitter and facebook
Send your position to everybody who should know.

✔ Clickable waypoints
A click on any waypoint gives you all the information you need.

✔ Precise incline and decline calculations based on 3D terrain model
Know about your incline and decline differences much better than the built-in GPS can.

✔ New natural POIs: lakes, beaches, springs, glaciers, caves and many more
All natural-classified POIs from the famous OpenStreetMap are included.

✔ Use the online search to find places in the offline world map

✔ Bugfix for street import and height calculations

✔ New Online Help, every single button is explained in detail


✔ Improved handling of names for places and summits

✔ Bugfix for Everytrail track import



Worldwide 3D maps for orientation and track recording. All places, summits and street names are offline available.

GeoGuide 3D is the only app that allows downloading 3D-MAPS of every area worldwide - without any extra fees.

Top-10 App in 8 countries (April 2011)!

What other say:
'This App is amazing and it provides 3-D viewing.(...) Easy to use and very intuitive. Keep up the great work!!' POShit APP 04-20-2011
'Very good. Nice retina support and Live mode! This is all you need.' Paul1265 03-28-2011
'Nice graphics and ease of use.' Lullly 03-28-2011
'I'm super happy, working very precisely, great.' A.K. 03-26-2011

------ HIGHLIGHTS - Off-road and Terrain Navigation

★ Precise 3D Terrain Model - enjoy a full blown, realistic, interactive terrain, overlaid with the famous OpenCycleMap or OpenStreetMap. Height information is much more exact than the GPS altimeter!

★ Three different map scales:
Overview: The Big scale for the rough overview
Detailed: Medium scale, where every path is visible, without wasting too much memory
Street-level: In this city mode you can read and search for every street name

★ Track management:
Super simple import and export of your tracks directly from within the app.

★ Map management:
Simply choose the desired part of the world map, check the scale and get the map you need. You can use it off-line without data connection.

★ Geocaching:
Waypoint coordinates can be entered directly

------ FEATURES:


✔ The 3D LIVE preview let's you examine the OSM map in every detail before downloading
✔ Real 3D perspective views, smoothly shaded for best recognition.
✔ Switch between 2D and 3D map view
✔ Zoom in and out or rotate the view by multitouch gestures
✔ High definition worldwide terrain model included
✔ Map rotation can be switched to compass or north up.
✔ The terrain height can be adjusted to your needs
✔ Online address search for the LIVE map


✔ Use your tracks downloaded from everytrail immediately
✔ Track export via email
✔ Show a second route as shadow track
✔ Continuously visual logging of speed and height
✔ Be always informed about your speed, avg. speed and distance
✔ Adjust GPS Positions tolerance and time interval
✔ Precise incline and decline calculations


✔ Mark as many waypoints as needed on the 3D map for your convenience. Export them easily via email. Import as .gpx files.
✔ Place your destination flag in the map and be always informed about the remaining air-distance.

Map Management:

✔ GeoGuide 3D saves OpenStreetMaps and OpenCycleMaps with many biking and hiking trails on your iPhone for free.
✔ These offline maps can be saved for any area defined by choosing a rectangle on the world map or simply around an existing track. Use them worldwide without any data connection.


The realistic slope display of the 3D terrain makes judging about hazardous situations easier and more convenient.


✔ Power management by the use iPhone's proximity sensor and background recording.
✔ The membership at Everytrail is free and Set up in a Minute. It's only used for track import.

Attention: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

★★★★★ If you like GeoGuide 3D, please rate it positive in iTunes, also after every update.
Your ratings allow for future development and further free updates.
Thanks for using GeoGuide 3D!