wetter.com Weather HD Lite

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Version: 1.2.1 (Getestet unter iOS 4.0)

☀ Rainradar for Switzerland
☀ Temperature gradient map for Switzerland
☀ Rainfall map for Austria
☀ Temperature gradient map for Austria
☀ Region map selection in landscape mode


The weather with wetter.com for your iPad, try it now for free!

With the wetter.com Weather HD Lite App we offer you an overview of the weather at customizable locations all around the world.

The app includes the following features:

* The current weather and temperature
* Sunrise and sunset times
* Forecast for today and the next six days
* A quick overview of weather condition, wind direction and temperature in the location list
* Rain radar and temperature maps from the private "Wetternetzwerk" for Germany and its states
* Videos forecasts for Germany and its states
* Weather warnings of the DWD for all places in your favorites list (Germany only)

The whole thing is presented in a visually appealing and easy to use way.

If you want more you can buy the wetter.com Weather HD app in the full version for only $2.99. This includes:

* No advertisings
* 3-hour details for each day in an interactive display
* More maps:
* Weather condition, minimum and maximum temperature for Europe, Germany and its states
* Air pressure data from the "Wetternetzwerk" for Germany and its states
* Humidity from the "Wetternetzwerk" for Germany and its states
* Rainfall radar for Germany and its states
* Weather warnings for Germany and its states

If you have questions or something is not working as expected write us an email to ipad@wetter.com - unfortunately it is not possible to respond to reviews in the App Store. Feel free to give us a good rating anyway, if you like the app :-)