Color Sound Machine

Outer Court


Get creative in this relaxing toy and casually build machines driven by gravity, and full of color and sound. Just drag one of the many different colorful blocks into the path of the balls dropping in from above, and you'll hear a sound when the two touch. Explore using flip blocks, moving blocks, swirls, thin blocks, plane tunnels, bouncers, change balls and much more to create endlessly varied machines to inspire, entertain and surprise you!

* Full instant freedom to create your own world of physics, and have its beauty unfold in front of you
* Plane Tunnels allow you to connect several machines into one, each with their different unique plane sounds
* Load and Save your creations by upgrading to Premium
* Challenge yourself to connect whole chains of blocks to create machines with surprising functionality
* See the video at

Please ask me for support on any issue you might have, and if you're enjoing the app let others know by rating it and supporting Color Sound Machine!