Version: 3.0.4

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+ english streetnames (next to the local caption) in Isarel, China, Japan, Arab countries, etc.
+ 100% coverage of Germany, France and UK
+ all German counties (Kreise)
+ all French Départements,
+ all UK counties
+ (allready since last version: all Italian provinces)
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"The best thing since that guy came up with the idea: 'Say, why don't we slice the bread before we sell it.' ", Tony, Apri 26, 2011

"Best Map tool I have found - I have tried many off line maps but this one has been the best so far.", Camino Hiker, Feb 27, 2011

★★★ Highest resolution & smallest downloads in the Store ★★★
You could easily store ALL 7,000 maps on a 32GB device's memory - at the same time more zoom levels and map detail! Thanks to our own "Ulmon Vector Maps" technology (except old iPhone 3G and iPod 2nd gen.)

City Maps 2Go is the perfect Offline-App for travelers and people on the move! Ideal for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, with no or bad network coverage, or when abroad. No roaming charges. No network or WiFi required! Have all your maps and POI with you, any time, anywhere. Getting around in a city has never been so easy and so much fun!

★★★ 7,000 maps – no extra charge ★★★
★★★ incl. all US & UK counties ★★★

✚ Download and view maps offline, without an Internet connection
✚ Find your location with GPS (iPhone + iPad 3G)
✚ Search street names and points of interest in offline mode
✚ Turn the map in viewing direction (iPhone 4, 3GS + iPad 3G)
✚ Bookmark or pin places of interest
✚ Add your own pins (tap and hold for 2s)

Once the maps are downloaded to your iPhone/iPod, you will no longer need an Internet or WiFi connection. You will avoid inconveniences when travelling by using the maps anytime and everywhere you want – in your hometown or on the road!

More than 7,000 maps are available. And we are adding new ones daily. Additionally, the App includes maps for holiday destinations like the Canary Islands or Hawaii. Visit our website for a full overview of available maps: => click on "Coverage"

Examples of international maps: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Bejing, Munich, Rome, Barcelona, Singapore, Cologne, Bangkok, Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Venice, San Francisco, Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Cairo, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Frankfurt, Dubai, Istanbul, Florence, Lisbon, Prague, Tokyo, Brussels, Sydney, Manila, Seoul, Miami, Madrid.

Map data and POI are provided by OpenStreetMap. Similar to Wikipedia, this data is user-generated and offers far more information than simple street maps. To see the quality of the map data and POIs, visit:

PLEASE NOTE: Devices without 3G require a WiFi connection once, when downloading new maps. After downloading the maps to your device, you won’t need any connection anymore.

New maps are constantly added to the application! Missing a city? Need a larger map? Mail us: we can help you within days.