iPutzfrau - der Speicherreinigungsservice

Daniel Albertini

Version: 1.0

• Fixed a bug that prevented to display the correct online rank
• Fixed a bug with the camera when you invert the Y-axis & shot
• Minor bug fixes



★★★★ TOP 1 in Austria (Overall) ★★★★
★★★★ TOP 1 in Germany (Overall) ★★★★

Memory Clean Pro is a very simple and easy App! It frees your memory - that's it.

You can verify proper functioning with:
• the memory cleaner pro itself
• Third party tools from other vendors

After launching the app you need to press "Optimize memory". The app will then free the memory of your iOS Device!

What actually happens when you press the button "Optimize memory":
The app is analyzing the iOS memory management and identifies the memory which is currently not used.
After analyzing, it makes all that memory free! Very easy and very effective