Curvebot Evolved



Version: 1.2.1

This is a massive update with tons and tons of new stuff!

☀ New World 12 added with a nice twist; Curvebot Croquet.
☀ World 4 completely redesigned with another twist.
☀ World 5 completely redesigned with (yet) another twist.
☀ World 2 redesigned to be more challenging (+ groovy new floor there too)
☀ Stars system completely redesigned to make getting a big total more fun.
☀ Challenge system completely redesigned to make it more accessible and fun. Also, it's now accessed in one place - much tidier and more logical.
☀ Camera can now be switched between "Bird's Eye" view or "Dog's Eye" view.
☀ Added "Hope" bar - make mistakes and you lose fiery hope. Do well and their hope recovers. Makes the game more fun and challenging.
☀ Added support for Auto Rotation.
☀ Download size further reduced (less than 5Mb now!)
☀ Optimisations and Bug fixes throughout.

➤➤➤ Cheers!
A *massive* thank you to everybody who gave feedback and suggestions - This release has loads of "little tweaks" added to make Curvebot really special.

Tomorrow morning, work on the next release begins - so enjoy this knowing that even more fun is on the way )))




➤➤➤ WEEKEND SALE - Top 10 in 7 countries. Number 1 in iPad Germany!! This game ROCKS!!

"Gaming App of the Day" - Kotaku
"It's rare to find a game that embraces such an enjoyable mechanic" - TouchArcade
"It’s got a lot of polish and it’s well-made" - SlideToPlay
"A highly playable game" - PocketGamer
"Curvebot will prove to be nothing short of refreshing. It looks great and is ideal for play-on-the-go" - TheSixthAxis
"It's a unique idea with good controls, great presentation, and a lot of content" - AppSpy
"If a pizza slicer was a robot, and had to come up with diabolical ways of carving things up, that slicer would be Curvebot" - EvilAvatar

Curvebot is a groovy, cunning, curvy drillin' bot on a mission to save his fiery friends from the dull, dreary drones.

Make cool CURVY cutouts of each world's unique shape.

See the 3D chunks fall away - curvy satisfaction! ♥

You're a winner when there is 20% or less remaining. Curvebot has to deal with 72 different world shapes from penguins to ghosts, lobsters to teddy bears and frogs to crocodiles!

Levels are spread over 12 animated worlds from rippling water, 70's dance floors to the mad crazy boss vortex.

At the end of each level sit back and watch how you carved up the world with the unique ACTION REPLAY.

Play in "Cunning" mode where you can tune your cutting instincts before Curvebot's power runs out.

☀ Great gameplay - Free your Fiery Friends and avoid the Drones.
☀ 2 Game intensity modes - "Casual" and "Cunning"
☀ Finely tuned multitouch gives you precise Curvebot control.
☀ Gorgeous 3D graphics - supports retina display and a super silky smooth 60 frames per second.
☀ Full built-in tutorial to keep the head-scratching to a minimum.
☀ 72 levels over 12 worlds - hours of fun & bags of variety (+ more levels on the way)
☀ 9 types of Drone to contend with - each with unique AI to challenge you.
☀ 7 types of "Clever Coin" - each with unique powers to help you in your quest.
☀ 10 bonus "Tail Challenges"
☀ 3 Special levels - for extra giggles!
☀ Action replay at the end of each level.
☀ Content suitable for all ages.
☀ Full Game Centre support with leaderboards and achievements.
☀ Supports iPod background music.
☀ Supports Auto Rotation.
☀ Super efficient 5Mb download size - won't take ages to download or waste your valuable memory!
☀ My *personal* technical support if you have Curvebot hassles.

Curvebot is a cracking game that's great fun to play. I've worked very hard all year to perfect this game and I really hope that you enjoy playing it.


PS - I'm working on even more worlds, levels and gameplay twists as you read this! - all in upcoming FREE updates.